How to turn off Samsung voice guide on Samsung tv

Have you got tired of Samsung Tv talking to You and want to turn off the voice guide or voice narrator? Then you are at the right post. In this post, we are going to cover how to Turn Off the Voice Guide on Samsung Smart TV. It is also known as Screen reader or Talkback on android smartphones.

Samsung Voice Guide could be a wonderful feature. But it’s not for everyone. Some people get annoyed by this feature including me. Not only because of its sound but it’s slow. It’s a very helpful feature for those with vision problems. If you have elders at home then you must have this feature.

On some occasions, it could become messy due to its loud sound. You may feel embarrassed when you use it in front of your friends or family members.

turn off Samsung voice guide on Samsung Tv

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What is a voice Guide or voice assistant on Samsung Tv

Samsung Voice Guide or Voice Narrator is simply a Voice Assistant that reads the screen and Controls activities. It’s a very helpful feature for people with Vision difficulty or eyes Problems. Basically, it reads all the input commands. It’s just like a Screen Reader for Smart TV.

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Why is my samsung tv talking to me

It’s because you have got Voice Guide or Audio narrator turned ON on your Smart Tv. It’s a voice control feature that reads all the activities and control gives to your Samsung Smart Tv. The voice guide may automatically be turned ON by the wrong pressing of voice activation buttons on android.

How to turn off Samsung voice guide on Samsung tv

Turn Off audio description using remote Samsung TV

You can do many things from remote. In fact, The remote has a higher number of controls than the TV. You can use your remote to Turn off the Voice narrator or voice-over. Follow the below steps to disable the voice narrator.

Step 1: Turn On your Samsung Smart tv and Get the remote ready

Step 2: Press and Hold the Volume Button on your Remote Until Voice Menu shows up on your Smart TV

Step 3: In the Voice Menu, You will find Voice Guide. Turn it Off.

This may not work all the time. But it’s still not turning OFF then follow with the below method.

Turn Off Voice Narrator on Samsung Smart TV through Settings

Even though it takes more time to turn off Voice Narrator using this method. But it is more effective than any other method. The settings menu has all the available options where you can either turn them ON or OFF.

Step 1: Start your Smart Tv and Head over to Settings.

Step 2: Select the Accessibility setting and then click on Navigation.

Step 3: Select the Voice guide. A voice Guide Settings window will appear. You can set the speed, volume, and pitch of the Voice.

Step 4: Toggle off the voice Guide and The voice Guide feature will be turned Off.

There is no way this method will fail. but if you want a shorter and easier voice method then follow the below guide.

Turn Off samsung Tv audio description using command

Do you know you can use voice commands on Samsung Smart Tv? You can Turn OFF Voice description or Voice narrator just through Voice Command. to do this you must know what is exactly this feature is known as in your smart TV.

To perform this method, Press and Hold the Microphone button of your smart tv remote and Say ” Turn off Voice Guide”. The command will be analyzed and the Voice guide or Voice narration feature will be turned Off.

Turn Off Voice Assistant on Samsung Smart Tv

I don’t prefer turning Off Samsung Voice assistant. Voice assistants are helping for sending Voice Command to smart Tv. If you don’t use this feature and want to turn Off Samsung assistant follow the below method.

Step 1: Press the Home button on your Samsung Tv remote.

Step 2: Head to settings and Open General settings.

Step 3: Select Bixby voice settings and Go to Voice response.

Step 4: Turn Off the Voice response and head back to voice wake-up settings and turn it Off.

If all the methods failed, Then there may be a software bug on your Tv or Your Tv may have different options. Considering looking into your Samsung Smart Tv Manual. We hope you find your way to solve this problem.

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