How to use Android Smartphone as a mouse and keyboard

Do you want to use Android smartphone as a Mouse and keyboard to control devices such as PC, smart Tv, firestick, etc? Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are covering how to use android smartphone as a keyboard and mouse. Mouse and keyboard are the most used input devices.

You may have different reasons to use android smartphone as a Mouse and keyboard. It may be your keyboard or mouse is broken, You may wish to use it with smart TV where using the remote is a hassle. Whatever your reason maybe the below method works for every device. We will be using two apps for it. You may go with whichever you like. The apps used in the below method uses WiFi or Bluetooth for connection.

Advantages of using smartphone as a mouse and keyboard.

Using the smartphone as an input device to control other devices has many advantages. below are some of the advantages of it

  • Provides multiple keyboard Layout
  • You can choose multiple Special characters and emoji’s
  • Doesnt require much space.
  • Proivides Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hassle free of cables
  • No extra charging of keyboards required.
  • Portable size and form factor
  • You wont need to buy physical keyboard or mouse

Disadvantages Of use Android Smartphones as Input devices

Using smartphones as input devices such as keyboards and mouse has its own disadvantages

  • Some Apps are buggy
  • You always need smartphone to use it as keyboard or mouse
  • Smaller screen size of smartphones make keyboard size smaller
  • You may require smartphone for other tasks.
  • Response time is low compared to physical keyboards
  • Reduced typing speed due smaller keyboard size
  • You cant use both keyboard and mouse at a same time
  • You can only use fingers at the time

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How to use Android as a Mouse or keyboard

How to use Android smartphone as a Mouse and Keyboard using Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for PC

For this method, you don’t need an additional app on your PC. Having App on a smartphone is enough.

About App

make smartphone as keyboard and mouse
  • App Size: 3MB
  • Total Downloads: 1M+
  • Rating: 4/5

The App comes with many features including support for android tv, Chrome OS, iOS, etc. Serverless mouse and keyboard Supports more than 30 Keyboards layouts including voice input. All these features are packed in a just 3Mb app.

Step 1: Download Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse App from the play store

Step 2: Provide required permission for the app to work.

Step 3: Tap on Setup remote Device present on the Bottom of the App

Step 4: Tap on New Device.

keyboard and mouse app for android to control pc

Step 5: Tap on Search Device. You can connect from other devices also.

Pc control using app

Step 6: Connect to your device. You can change between Mouse and keyboard Modes

Bluetooth mouse fro android

How to Convert Android smartphone into Bluetooth Mouse using a Remote mouse App

You also need to install the app on the device which you want to control. The commands are driven through App to App instead of Bluetooth. Don’t get confused with the name, the app supports both keyboard and Mouse irrespective of its name.

About app

use android smartphone as a mouse and keyboard
  • App Size: 41MB
  • Total Downloads: 10M+
  • Rating: 4.1/5

Step 1: Go to playstore on your smartphone and install Remote Mouse App.

Step 2: Open the App. Once you open you will be greeted with Welcome Page.

Step 3: Swipe Right 4 times and Tap on Ok, I got it on the bottom of the screen.

Bluetooth keyboard for android

Step 4: Provide required permissions for the app to run.

Step 5: Select the computer. You can also connect through IP or Through QR code.

Step 6: Run the Remote Mouse app on PC and Connect to it.

Your good to go. The Android App automatically detects the PC and connects to It. If you are unable to connect, Use an IP address or QR code. Now you can use different keyboard layouts on your keyboard and connect to a PC. You can also use it as a trackpad for controlling your PC.

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