How to Use Split Screen on Chromebook(Multi-tab view 2023)

Ever wondered how to use apps side by side on Chromebook. Side by side, split-screen, or multi-window everything refers to using more than 1 application at a time. Chromebook has a built-in feature to split screen between 2 or more apps. There are many ways in Chromebook to split-screen. In this post, we are going to cover 3 to 4 different ways to split-screen on Chromebooks.

Split-screen is the most helpful feature for everyone. You may like to watch a video alongside chatting or practice alongside watching tutorials. You may want to work on 2 applications together, or you may want to copy data from one application. Chromebook split-screen is helpful in online meetings or classes to take notes.

split screen on Chromebook

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Advantages of using split screen or multi tab view.

There are many advantages of using apps side by side. Here are a few of them

  • Increase productivity.
  • Helpful to work on different apps side-by-side at a time
  • Taking Notes during online classes or meetings
  • Can Create Assisgnment or projects by using the other side of the screen for reference.
  • Can pratice various things along seeing the tutorial
  • Its very helpful for designers
  • Can kill time using other app while attending boring meetings
  • You can share your screen in online meetings. While watching participants in other half of screen.

How to Use split-screen feature on Chromebook

How to Split Screen on Chromebook using shortcut keys

It is the easiest method to open two apps on Chromebook in split-screen.

Step 1: Open the App you want to use side by side.

Step 2: Press Alt + { or [ to fit the app to the left half screen and Alt + } or ] to the right half side of the screen. You need to press the keys at the same time. The Alt key is found on the bottom of the last row and the Brackets keys are nearer to the Backspace and Enter keys.

Step 3: Now follow the same step for the other app or tab. You are good to go.

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How to Split screen On Chromebook using drag and drop method

You can use a dual-screen or split-screen using a mouse or trackpad. It is similar to that using Windows 10. This method divides the screen into two equal split screens.

Step 1: Turn on your Chromebook. Go to any of your apps and open it. Click and drag the title bar to either side of the screen.

Step 2: Drag it sideways to the screen go does back and forth until yellow or other outline forms on half the screen dividing it into 2 screens. Now release the left click. Now you have the app fit into half of your screen.


Click and hold the restore or minimize until the arrow keys appear. Now direct it to any side it will fit automatically.

Step 3: Now Open the second app that you want to open on split-screen. Again drag it to the other side of the screen. Follow the similar method as above but, Drag it to another side. Now you have two apps on the screen. You can now use two apps simultaneously side by side on Chromebook.

How to divide Chromebook into Dual screen or split-screen using resize button

This method is similar to the above one. But a slight difference between the two screens sizes. Here it won’t be divided into equal screens. You can set the size of the screen to your choice. you can also divide the screen among multiple apps.

multi-tab view or split screen on Chromebook

Step 1: Open the first App that you want to open in dual or split-screen. On the right top corner in the title bar, you will find three icons minimize, resize and close. Click on the middle one, which is a resize Icon With Hovered Square shape.

Chromebook side by side view

Step 2: Clicking on that icon, Your app size will be reduced. Drag the Window or app to your required place. You can reduce or increase the size by dragging it to the corner.

Step 3: Now open the other app and follow the same steps. You can also add multiple apps to the screen.

How to divide Screen in Chromebook using apps and extension

Another method is to download an app or chrome extension to split the screen. Apps and extension provide more feature but, they are unnecessary and simply takes the storage space.

To download these apps go to the play store and search split screen. To download the extension go to the chrome store and search split screen you will find many apps. Select the ones which you like.

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