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Did you come across “” or “used” and want to know what it is? Then look no further This is the right post for you. In this post, we will cover What is android dialer and its detailed information including how to fix errors related to it.

It’s common to see unknown apps and packages in Android. You may have seen in Google activity or in your app history. It’s common to come across this app since it’s one of the most active apps.

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What is is a package name of the application called Android dialer. It is a crucial application developed by Samsung for its Android smartphones. It is basically a call manager that manages all the call-related activities. It is responsible for managing and organizing all call-related activities, including handling phone calls and managing call logs.

It is similar to any other dialer but with most customization toward Samsung applications. It comes with features such as integration with the Samsung Contacts app, support for voice and video calls, call-blocking capabilities, a built-in call recorder, and customization options.

Is important?

Dialer application is one of the most crucial applications for managing call-related activities. Removing it will affect most of the call-related operations. On some devices, you can use an external Dilaer app. But They may not be fully compatible with other Samsung applications.

You may give it a try before deciding. Just download any dialer of your choice and change the default dialer to your downloaded one. If all things work correctly you can disable com samsung android dialer. If not you can revert back to the original settings.

Can I uninstall” is a system application, meaning it comes pre-installed on Samsung Android smartphones and cannot be uninstalled. The only option available to normal users is to disable the application. You could remove it if your device is rooted or through ADB.

There are many errors that could arise from, Among them “ has stopped” is a common one. This could be a huge hindrance when you are trying to make a call and the dialer crashes frequently or blocks you from making a call.

Resolving these errors follows the same method as any other app, so we will keep it short.

Step 1: Check for both app and system updates. If available update them If not then Proceed with step 2.

Step 2: Restart the device and check whether the app is working correctly If the problem still continues, then proceed with step 3

Step 3: Try clearing the cache and data of the Android dialer. You can do this by navigating to Settings, then Apps, finding Android dialer, and tapping on it. Look for the storage option and select clear data and cache.

The above mention methods are the most common ones. If these don’t solve your problem, Then you can try deleting some resource-hungry apps, as some apps can cause conflict with others.

If these don’t work, You can use an alternative Dilaer app.

Alertnatives for

There are many free dialer apps available for Android devices. Even though these dialers provide free versions and many features, they are not as trustworthy as the inbuilt ones. Some may even steal your data. Here are 3 well-known Android dialers.

  1. Truecaller
  2. Dialer One
  3. ExDialer

Conclusion: is an essential application for managing phone calls on Samsung Android smartphones. Its integration with the Samsung Contacts app, support for voice and video calls, call-blocking capabilities, a built-in call recorder, and customization options make it a versatile and powerful tool.

Even though the errors related to are simple, they can be a headache during emergencies where you need to contact someone and the app fails due to an error.

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