Com.Wssyncmldm – What Is It & Everything You need to know?


com.wssyncmldm what is it, what does it do? , is it safe? If you are having these thoughts and want to know the answer then you are at the right place. In the post, we will cover what com wssyncmldm means and everything about it.

Android smartphone comes with a vast number of hidden application. Most of which are system configuration and enhancement apps. There is infamously known incallui, mdxquickboard etc . com.Wssynchament is one among them.

People get freaked out when they see an unknown application on google activity that they have never seen before. This happens a lot because most of the system applications won’t be visible in the apps section. Frighten not, It is a safe application, to know more about it stick till the end.

What is com.wssyncmldm

com. wssyncmldm or used com.wssyncmldm is a system application by Samsung electronics that comes pre-installed with Samsung smartphones, It is Responsible for checking updates and notifying users about them. Similar to other Samsung system applications this app runs in the background and is not visible in the apps list.

Com wssyncmldm application periodically monitors apps and systems for updates and notifies the user when it finds the update. You may have seen this in action. Sometimes whenever a system update is released you would be notified. This process this carried out by this app.

Even though it runs in the background it doesn’t consume much data or battery and it’s safe to have this application.

com.wssyncmldm is it Safe To Use or Is it Spyware?

Normally it’s unlikely that nontech people will come across these apps. This is because these apps can only be seen in in-app activities, google activities, or the system apps list. It won’t be visible in the app drawer or the app list. When people see these apps on Google activity or google history they get the feeling that their device may be compromised or the app is harmful.

Fear not, This application means no harm. As we said earlier, It is a system app by Samsung and it is only there to improve user experience. It saves the hassle of daily checking the app updates.

How to Fix Com.wssyncmldm Has Stopped Working Unexpectedly error

You may have also got to know about this app after it started showing some errors such as com. wssyncmldm has stopped working error. This error is rarely seen on new versions of android. Some newer versions doesn’t include this app anymore. If you have got this error then you are most probably using the older versions.

The error can be fixed easily or you can just ignore the error as it won’t cause any other issues. If you are using a newer version restart the app. If you got this error after updating then this may be the result of faulty updates. In that case, wait till the next updates

The possible solutions for this error include:

Restart your device

This is the most basic step for getting through any app or system issues. Sometimes there may be a temporary bug that could have affected the normal flow of operation or there could have been an error while loading the app into system memory. So relating would ensue the restarting of apps and clear system memory. This could potentially fix the problem

Check for updates

Sometimes buggy updates can these issues. Whenever updates turn out to have bugs the developer usually releases patch updates. Look for those and download them or wait for them for some time for updates to arrive.

Clear cache and app data

This may be hard for some people who barely know device settings. In this method, we clear out the wssyncmldm applications cache and app data.

Step 1: Go to settings on your device and navigate to apps

Step 2: Look for the 3 dots in the top right corner and tap on them.

Step 3: Select system apps from the list

Step 4: Look for com.wssyncmldm and tap on it

Step 5: tap on clear app data and then select app cache

How to Disable com wssyncmldm

com.wssyncmldm cannot be disabled because it is a system app. However, you can use other methods such as ADB debugging to remove the app. But it’s risky and not with the effort. If you are getting errors wait for some time. It may fade away after some time. But if you want to get fixed immediately then it’s better to visit the service center.

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