What Does MIP 67 Error Mean on Android? and How To Fix It?

MIP 67 error

Welcome to our site. If you are facing the MIP 67 Error on your android smartphone and want to get rid of it? Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover how to get rid of the MIP 67 Error on Android along with what is MIP error is and what causes it.

These errors commonly occur of older and outdated smartphones, Sometimes it could appear smartphones all well, But the probability is less. The main problem caused by this error is that it doesn’t let you connect to the internet.

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What does MIP 67 Error mean?

MIP stands for Mobile Internet protocol. Basically, MIP 67 occurs is related to connectivity. It occurs when your device is unable to connect to the network due to authentication failure. These errors can appear for various reasons. In simple terms, this error pops up when it is unable to access cellular services. The error may occur in all the carrier providers such as boost, sprint, T-mobile, etc.

What is the function of MIP

As the MIP acronym says, Its protocol is related to Mobile internet. MIP is a communication protocol that maintains the same IP address when you move or switch from one network to another. In simple terms, it’s responsible for painting permanent IP addresses across all the networks. There are many error code names in such as MIP 65, MIP 104, MIP 129, etc related to different issues.

Whats causes MIP 67 error

MIP 67 error is caused due to connectivity issues. Normally it is caused when your device fails to register with network components such as PDSN. This error appears when you switch networks and your device cant register with PDSN.

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How to Fix Mip 67 Error

1. Enable and Disable flight Mode

Turning Flight Mode On and OFF basically refreshing the network. Most of the Network connection errors can be resolved using this method. Since MIP 67 error deals with connection, Turning Flight mode ON and OFF attempts to reconnect to the carrier.

2. Restart your Device

Restarting the device solves most of the issues. It doesn’t even take more than few taps to restart your device. Temporary connection issues or resource overload can cause some issues. Restarting devices can clear out these issues. Even though if this method did not fix the issue, there is no problem in trying.

3. Change APN settings

changing APN settings can be beneficial in many ways. Changing APN can resolve some network problems and also can cause network issues. There are some settings available on APN with should not be touched. If you have done any error previously just restore the APN to default values.

4. Change Network Mode

Changing network mode could help you get out of this problem. Network mode will be automatically set depending upon the connection. You can also change it manually. Just follow the below simple method to change Network Mode.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your tablet or smartphone

Step 2: Select network and connections.

Step 3: Tap on Mobile networks.

Step 4: Select the Network Mode of SIM 1 or 2 depending upon which you use.

Step 5: Select LTE/CDMA or any other preferred mode and Tap on OK

Step 6: Refresh the network by turning flight mode ON and OFF.

5. Re-insert SIM card

You can try removing and reinserting the battery. but most of the smartphones come with a built-in battery which everyone cant remove easily. The alternative way would be to remove and re-insert the SIM card. When SIM is inserted again and a SIM is recognized and a new connection will be established which could dismiss the error.

6. Use Wifi

Did you know you can use wifi without the problem? Turning ON flight Mode can temporarily stop the MIP 67 problem. You can use WiFi while in flight mode. If the error is popping up frequently and you want to use the internet. this method is for you. If no method is working you can use WiFi until you can get the fix for the MIP 67 error.

7. Change MSID

MIP 67 error can be triggered if you use the wrong mobile station ID or wrong MIN number. With Wrong MIN you cant use cellular services. You can get the correct MIN by contacting customer care.

8. Contact customer care

If nothing works, the only remaining method would be to get help from customer care. You can also get to know if there is an error in the carrier network or not. They may provide a solution to your problem or can send new APN settings.

9. Wait for Some time

If you notice the error after changing the place or network. Then it may have been caused due to connection problems or the network could be busy or having glitches. If the above solution doesn’t work, wait for some time and again try those methods. Sometimes error disappears by itself.

10. Take Device to Service Center

If nothing works you can’t just change the device, Can you?. You still have the last resort, which is the service center. It is more likely that they can solve all the device problems. Even if it is related to the hardware they can provide assistance.

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