What is app spotlight on Android & How to use it?

The spotlight feature is helpful on many occasions. It saves time and hassle while search apps or performing other tasks. In this post, we are going to explain what is app spotlight on android and how to use it. It is also one of the most awaited tools.

At the first, It was only available on iOS devices later google also released the spotlight feature for android. But the app spotlight is not good as compared to App spotlight on iOS and also google spotlight feature returns search history or search results when searching for specific settings. So in this post, We are using an additional app called app search+. It is available for free on playstore

what is app spotlight on android

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What is the Spotlight app?

Spotlight is a search utility app that provides many functionalities such as search function, calculator, and app insights. It also provides functions such as currency conversion, web search, etc. It is the handiest tool in smartphones.

In android, Spotlight is referred to as Google and iPhone it is called Spotlight itself. Google relies on google assistant for performing tasks. You can also use the spotlight as an assistant to assist you.

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Spotlight app functions

Spotlight app has many features below are some of the most used features.

Search with Spotlight

The most used app spotlight feature is its search functionality. You can search for apps just with 1 or 2 taps. If you have a lot of apps, then finding them could be difficult. But by using the spotlight feature you can search the app directly.

You can also search mail messages but this feature is only limited to iPhone. it is not available for android. However, you can search for web results, files, settings, and other things on android.

Check weather and news

Check the weather in the spotlight is only available for android. you can get the details of current weather by typing weather on the google search box. If the location is turned ON, The weather of your region will be displayed. You can also get Current temperature, humidity etc

The same goes for the news. by typing news on the search box, You can view the news related to your interests.

Create Remainder

You can create remainders using the spotlight app. Settings remainders on android takes long way But using spot light you can instantly create remainders.

Launch an app

Finding the app among several apps is riducously time consuming. You have to search from beginning to end to find a single app. sometimes you may also miss the app. But by using Spotlight you can easily find the required apps within few taps.

Just enter the name of app and the spotlight will help you find it. You don’t even need to enter full name. While you are entering it the splolight will automatically suggests the possible app you are looking. You can save hassle and time wasted for finding apps.

Pull up a contact

You call pull up a contact using App spotlight. Not just pull but can also text and call with just a single command. Just type call [contact name] and hit enter. You can also email your friends or family.

Play Music or Video

You have launch music player everytime when you want to listen a music. If the music app is not present on the home, finding it also can be difficult. by using spotlight or google you can play a music or a specific songs by typing play music to play any song and play song name to play a specific song.

Similar to music you can also play videos and other medias as well.

Map an Address

You don’t need to go a long way to find address on maps. Just by entering the address on google or spotlight. the exact map will be displayed. With the help of google assistant the map will be displayed in the home itself.

There many features that are not mentioned above

How to use Spotlight

Every feature requires command to execute for playing music the command is play music. to search app you just need to enter app name. To call or text someone you need to tell the app to call or text the specific person. everything works typing required function on spotlight search bar

How to Download Spotlight App on your android smartphone

This is not required since Google supports almost all functionalities of spotlight. But if your device is old and does not have the spotlight feature then you can download and external app.

The app was widely used when there was no spotlight faeture on android. Intially for long time it was only available on iOS devices. during those times the app was used. Follow the below steps to install the app spotlight on your android smartphone. The app has many good features with a small file size.

This is for only Older Version of Android. The newer versions of android has the built sploiytlight feature google. The app doesn’t provide my features.

App spotlight

Go to playstore and search for App search+ and download it. Next open the app and placed it in home.

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