What is beaming service app on android

Beaming Service App

Do you want to know what is android beaming service or do you have a problem with the android beaming service? then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to explain everything about the beaming service apps on android and fix most of the issues.

For some people beaming service, the app is a very useful app for some people it is just a waste of device resources. The app is known for its background battery usage.

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What is a beaming Service App? and do I need it?

Beaming Service App used to transfer data through NFC (Near field communications). You can transfer data such as Contact info, media, and other data at a faster pace. however, it has a very limited range. It is also used to detect objects such as credit cards, etc. For devices with android 10 or above, it is known as Nearby share.

The need for the android beaming service app depends upon you. You can use only if both the device supports NFC. It is a useful application if you have any need of it. You can disable the app if not required and enable it when you want to use it.

What does the beaming Service App is used for?

It is a feature of android devices that lets apps and tools suing a beaming function. It can be used to scan and transmit barcodes found on coupons and rewards etc. It is also helpful in detecting some services.

How do Android beaming works

Your device should support NFC to use the Beaming service. You can activate the Android beaming service by placing both the devices back to back and content should already be present on the screen before sending. If the content is something Sharble the screen size will be reduced and the “Tap to Beam ” option will appear on the top of the screen.

After the sharing is sound the confirmation alert will be given through a beep. The screen will shink when the transfer is complete. Usually, the transfer occurs through Bluetooth.

What is touch to beam

Touch to the beam is an option that appears while using the android beaming service if both devices are capable of beaming data and the data is sharable. In simple terms, It is the option that allows you to share data between two NFC-enabled devices.

Can I uninstall the Beaming service App

Since it is a built-in application. It cannot be uninstalled easily, You need to use external methods or you can disable the app if you don’t require it.

Android beaming Service battery issue

Since the Android beaming service always runs in the background, It consumes a large amount of battery. This is the issue most of the users reported after using this functionality. You can turn OFF the background Usage of Data and Battery. If you are not using the beaming functionality you may disable it. Disabling will prevent the battery usage of the APP.

What is S beam

S beam is from Samsung. It is a Samsung version of a beaming service app that is extremely fast and uses wifi as a medium to share content compared to the normal one which uses Bluetooth. it is only limited to few devices. You can call S beam a Samsung beam.

How to disable beaming service App

Disabling the beaming service app is easier compared to uninstalling it. You can enable the app when you find need of it and disable it when not required. This saves space and battery draining. Follow the below method to Disable the beaming Service app on android.

This method is based on Samsung devices. The process is the same for all android devices. There could be a small difference.

Step 1: Open Settings on your smartphone and head to Apps

Step 2: Tap on the three dots on the upper right and select Show system apps.

Step 3: Find the Beaming service app or nearby share and select it.

Step 4: Tap on Disable. Clear the data before disabling the app.

The beaming service app will now be disabled until you enable it.


The beaming service app can be very useful for most people for sharing content. The name of the application may differ from device to device. If you feel you don’t have a need for it, Simply just disable it.

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