What is com.samsung.android.app.spage & How to Remove it


Hello everyone. if you came here looking for info on com.Samsung.android.app.spage, Then this article is for you. In the previous post, we covered what is com.Samsung.android.spdclient, In this post I am going to cover what spage is and why it is used. In addition, I will also cover how to remove com.Samsung.android.app.spage from your smartphone.

com.Samsung.android.app.spage is a package name of the preinstalled app called Bixby’s voice assistant, Which can be initiated using the home button. Spage is known to create unwanted issues such as slowing down the device, app crashing, battery drain, etc. So we will also be covering different methods to get rid of spage.

Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers and has various models. But even though they are a big and reputed company they still include bloatware. Some of them can be either deleted or disabled. but the majority cannot be deleted using normal methods, making them even more annoying.

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What is Com Samsung Android App Spage App?

Com.Samsung.android.app.spage is related to Voice assistants like Bixby. Spage is an inbuilt system application that supports DVA like Bixby Home, Bixby voice, etc. All the functions of the Bixby assistant are activated using this application. However, it is not found on all the devices. you could only see these on devices running android 9 or more.

How does com.Samsung.android.app.spage work?

Some of the Samsung models have a button at the bottom of the screen called the home button, you can either press it or swipe up your home button. This application uses a feature called quick launch which lets it launch immediately from the home screen.

Does com Samsung android app Spage slow down your device

If you are thought that spage is slowing your device. Then yes, you may be right spage does down your device. Not just slowing down it also takes up unwanted storage and battery. The background consumption data and battery are also more than average. Another annoying thing about Bixby is its placement.

Issues with com Samsung android app page

Spage provides users with some of the best features. but they are not for everyone. There are 2 major issues. The one is App crashing another reason is its bloatware. Also, it doesn’t have the uninstall option which makes it even more annoying. Many users have reported that it slows done the device.

How to fix Com Sansung Android App Has Stopped Working Error?

If you are getting an error such as “com.samsung.android.app.spage has stopped” then this solution could help you. Before proceeding with the solution try restarting your device. Most app crashes can be solved by restarting. The below method guides you on how to clear cache and fix spage has stopped error.

Step 1: Go to settings. The below steps vary for different manufacturers.

Step 2: Select apps and tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the apps menu

Step 3: Select show system apps and search for spage.

If the page app is not found you may find it using engineering mode.

Step 4: Select spage and tap on clear cache and restart the device. The com.Samsung.spp.spage has stopped error should be solved now

Is it safe to remove Com Samsung Android App Spage App?

yes, It is possible to remove spage safely. By removing spage Bixby’s voice assistant will be disabled. Bixby has some wonderful features like social media insights and weather reports but not everyone has a need for it. If you have no use of this app. Then it is better to remove or disable it.

How to remove Com.samsung.android.spage

To remove spage you need to use ADB(Android Debug Bridge). This guide may not be understandable by normal users hence we have included a video from youtube.

Part A: On a smartphone

Step 1: Go to settings and tap on About. In some devices, it is under system settings.

Step 2: Enable the Developer option by tapping 7 times on the Build Number in the About menu

Step 3: Come back to settings and navigate to the bottom, You will see “Developer options”, tap on it.

Step 4: Look for “USB Debugging” and enable it.

Part B: On the laptop

Step 1: Download ADB software from the Android developer’s site

Step 2: Unzip the file to a folder. On the same folder hold the shift key and Double click anywhere on the screen.

Step 3: Click on the open PowerShell

Step 4: Type “adb devices” and press enter. Then type “adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.samsung.android.app.spage”


Com.Samsung.android.app.spage is a package name of the application DVA(digital virtual Assistant called Bixby. which is available for Samsung devices. The app provides voice assistant features. but its quick launch feature is annoying. After Spage is deleted the Bixby home button can be customized to your needs.

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