what is com.samsung.android.spdclient -2023

what is com.samsung.android.spdclient

If you came across the “spd client updated” notification on your smartphone and want to know what it is, Then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what com.Samsung.android.spdclient is and why it is useful.

Most of us feel uneasy whenever we come across update notifications of unknown apps. It’s common among all people who don’t know what those apps are, Including me. If you saw such a notification and want to find out about it. Then you did a good job looking for information because sometimes such notifications may turn out harmful.

Android has many such applications. Check out the below ones

Above the common ones which are most searched by users to know what they are.

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What is com.samsung.android.spdclient?

SPDClient stands for SE for Android Policy Delivery (SPD), sometimes it is also referred to as Security Policy Data client, It is an application only available for Samsung devices. Every Android application has the package name, and so does the SPD client. Com.Samsung.android.spdclient is the package name for SPDClient. It is a security enhancer that restricts malicious apps from executing(running).

It is similar to an antivirus but it’s a built-in application that prevents the malicious apps from installing and running. However, it is more powerful and trustworthy compared to top antivirus.

What is the use of SPDclient?

SPD or Software enhancement for Android Policy Delivery is a technology maintained by Samsung Knox. It contains a set of policy files that are frequently updated to ensure the security of your device. The updates include security policies for new attacks. This application is enabled by default. It ensures that your device has up-to-date protection.

SPD contains detailed permission rules for every type of application. These rules can limit access permission for apps that uses unnecessary access. If an application exhibits malicious behavior then such applications would not be allowed to execute or run.

Another use of spd client is that whenever a bug is discovered in the software, you don’t need to wait until the firmware update to get the bug fixed. The spdclient updates containing bug fixes are applied quickly.

This application is also available for download on the playstore.

App details

  • Name: Samsung Security Policy Update
  • Package Name: com.Samsung.android.spdclient
  • Size: 708K
  • Supported versions: Android 9+
  • Total downloads: 100 Million+
  • Permissions: No special permissions
  • Developer: Samsung electronics
  • Ratings: 4.2/5

How spd works

SPD can be enabled or disabled user. If the policy updates are enabled, It will automatically download and install security updates. Whenever Samsung comes across new attacks they immediately release fixes and push them to SPD servers, which is then accessed by spdclient on your smartphone. It has 3 states:

  • SPD Forced ON
  • SPD Forced OFF
  • SPD Controlled by End User


Spd is a security application for Samsung devices that is responsible for security enhancement and is completely safe to use. Removing it will affect your device security. We hope you were able to understand what is com.Samsung.android.spdclient is? Why SPD is important.

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