What is com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw

If you are interested in learning more about the Authfw package, then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to cover what is com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw is? and why it is used for?

There are more than 270 packages on Android devices similar to that of com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw. The commonly known are listed below:

The manufacturers don’t provide any information on most of these packages, which leads to a lot of confusion whenever users come across these types of applications. In some circumstances, it may also lead to suspicion. But these are the applications that are intended to help users with various operations.

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What is com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw

Com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw is an android package provided by Samsung. It is a component of the Samsung pass. If you wondering now what is Samsung pass, It is an application that allows you to use your saved biometrics to login into other applications or websites. Samsung pass provides easy access to a variety of applications.

Here is more detail of the app:

  • Package: com.samung.android.tapack.authfw
  • Name: AuthFw TaPack
  • Target SDK version: 29
  • Class name: null
  • Source: dir-/system/priv-app/TaPackAuthFw/TaPackAuthFw.apk
  • Data: dir-/data/user/0/com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw

What are the pros and cons of the Samsung Pass

Samsung Pass is not only useful but it also has some downsides. Below are some of the common cons and pros of the Samsung pass.


  • You don’t need to download it as it comes preinstalled
  • It provides quick access to applications
  • The autofill function saves a lot of hassle of filling data.


  • Not all the applications and websites support Samsung pass.
  • No cross-platform support
  • No password generation feature

Should i Uninstall com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw

Uninstalling this package is not recommended as it is a system app. It could lead to some errors such as battery drain, and errors in biometric login. com Samsung android tapack authfw has some cons but that doesn’t mean you should uninstall it.

How to uninstall com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw

If you are facing issues with it and deleting is the only way then follow the below method. You cant use the normal delete or uninstall option to get rid of it. You have to either root or use ADB to uninstall this app. We will only be mentioning the ADB command to delete this app. To learn more about ADB then check out our post on What is ADB and how to use it.

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw

What is the difference between com.samsung.android.tapack.authfw and com.samsung.android.authfw

Both the packages refer to the same application. The com.Samsung.android.tapack.authfw is a part of com.Samsung.android.authfw application. Com.Samsung.android.authfw is the actual package name of the Samsung pass application. authfw is a system app for autocompletion and biometrics login. deleting any one of these causes error and battery drain as this is called by the system itself.

To uninstall com.samsung.android.authfw use the below command.



We hope you were able to get what you were looking for. Authfw is a Samsung application used for biometrics login for other applications. The information about the tapack authfw is limited.

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