what is configAPK app and how to Uninstall it

If you noticed a performance issue caused by ConfigAPK and want to know what is configAPK, Then you are in the right place. This post explains what is ConfigAPK app is and How to uninstall the Config APK app.

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What is ConfigAPK app and what it is used for?

ConfigAPK is an important system Application that is responsible for Automatically installing and uninstalling Android App. APK generally refers to the Application format used for Android app distribution. It installs necessary apps during initial Device bootup

The App has information and instructions for installing and deleting the app. It keeps running in the background, Which makes the user suspicious, but the app doesn’t pose any threat. The app is available under com.android.autoinstalls.config package. It is available on almost every smartphone including Samsung, Google, HTC

Advantages and Disadvantages of ConfigAPK

Advantages of Config APK

  • Auto App installation
  • Auto App deletion

Disadvantages of Having Config Apk

  • Higher Battery Usage
  • Reduces device Performance
  • Higher Backgground usage

Should I uninstall Config APK?

It’s left to you. The app is small having it on your smartphone won’t take up much space. There won’t be any harm in removing it. To be on the safer side instead of deleting it, just disable the app. Also, you need to use ADB to remove the app.

What are the problems caused by Config apk

The most common issue is related to battery and CPU usage. Since the app runs in the background. It consumes more battery in the background. The app’s process keeps using the CPU and memory.

Is ConfigAPK a virus or Dangerous application?

No, It is not a virus or Dangerous application. Generally, People come to this conclusion because in Some devices the ConfigAPK Keeps running in the background causing higher battery usage. This makes users think it is a dangerous app.

It’s true that the app runs in the background frequently. Hence Diable the app.

How to Disable the ConfigAPK

You cannot install the app using normal settings. But you can Disable it. Follow the below steps to disable config APK.

Step 1: Got to settings on your smartphone and head over to apps.

Step 2: Click on the three dots and select the Show system apps.

Step 3: Search for config Apk. Find it and tap on it.

remove config apk app

Step 4: Click on Disable. The app won’t be running in the background from now onwards

Config Apk app

How to Uninstall ConfigAPK app using ADB

You can install and install system apps using ADB. However, we don’t recommend it. Using ADB can be a bit hassle and you may mess other things up. Disabling is Config App is enough to get rid of any problem related to it.

If you still want to remove the app, follow the below method

what is configAPK

Step 1: At first, You need to enable USB debugging on your smartphone. Go to settings and tap on about phone.

Step 2: You need to activate developer options. You can activate it by tapping 7times on the build number

Step 3: In the developer options, turn ON the USB debugging

Step 4: Now go to your PC and download the ADB program to your PC. and install the application

Step 5: Select the unzipped download file and click on “Open Powershell windows here”. Connect your smartphone to the PC through USB.

Step 6: Type “adb devices” into the command prompt. A popup will appear on your smartphone requesting an ADB connection. Click on allow.

Step 7: Again type “adb devices” into cmd. The connected Device ID will show up if the connection is successful. Now you have successfully established a connection through ADB.

Step 8: Below steps are responsible for removing the config app. The above steps were intended to establish the connection between devices.

Step 9: Type “adb shell pm uninstall -user 0 android.autoinstalls.config” into Command prompt and Hit enter

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