What is Demo Mode? Everything you need to know

what is demo mode

If you are eager to learn what is demo Mode and the difference between Enable vs Show Mode? In its post, we are going to cover Demo mode and How it works, etc.

you may have noticed Demo mode is available on smartphones. It cannot be removed since it is built into Firmware. It is also called by various names such as test mode, trial mode, etc. It is set by retail workers for presenting device functionality.

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What is Demo mode?

Demo Mode refers to demonstration Mode. It is a built-in feature that is available on all advanced electronics such as smartphones, etc. It is used to demonstrate the All feature s that the device has. Floor mode or Kiosk mode also Known as a demo mode.

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How Demo Mode works

In some devices, Demo mode is a video that showcases all the devices important features. But on some devices, it is a special interactive version.

If your device has a video-based demo mode, Then it contains the showcase video made for the device. On certain commands or a key combination, the video will start displaying.

For other versions such as interactive mode. The device access settings will be hidden and the changes in the demo mode will not be applied to the original version. Demo mode only intends to present the features of the device.

The demo mode will direct towards how to use certain features, Available options, and how to use the device. It can be a short video for each feature or step by step based interactive version.

What is system UI demo mode

Most people get confused between System UI demo mode and demo mode. Both are the same. In some devices it is available as System UI Demo mode, In some devices, it is only available as demo Mode. yet in some smartphones. system UI demo mode is available under Demo Mode.

What is Retail Demo Mode

It is a completely interactive-based Demo Mode. It is meant to use for checking and trying out device features. In the retail demo mode, you will be allowed to try out all the features without damaging or messing with settings.

Is demo Mode Harmful

No demo mode is not harmful in any way. Enabling or disabling by yourself won’t cause any issues. In fact, it is helpful for letting people try out the device’s features. Even if they mess up with settings, that won’t hurt the device.

How to enable disable demo mode

Demo mode can be enabled in Developer options. Some devices also have a key combination to activate Demo mode. You need to enable developer options, Which are hidden before proceeding with a demo mode. Follow the below method to Turn On developer options and then activate demo mode.

Step 1: Go to settings on the device in which you want to enable demo mode.

Step 2: Go to About Section. you can find it at the bottom of the settings.

Step 3: Head to Software Information.

Step 4: Look for the Build number and tap on it 7 to 8 times. You will get a confirmation message that the developer mode will be enabled.

Step 5: Head back to settings and scroll to the bottom. You will notice Developer Options. Tap on it and turn it ON.

Step 6: Scroll down a little and look for demo mode. tap on the demo mode

Demo mode android

Step 7: The system UI demo mode menu will appear. Enable the demo mode by toggling the option to ON.

Demo mode

Should I turn ON Demo Mode?

If you are a device user, Turning On demo mode will be no use to you. It is only helpful for retail stores to showcase the device and its feature. If you turn it On the options will be limited.

Can you Disable Demo Mode?

Yes, you can disable demo mode by going to developer options. You can also use combination or ADB to disable demo Mode. But few types of demo Mode requires professionals.

How do I get Rid of Retail mode?

You need to access the device’s bootloader and then you need to factory reset the device. Unlike other demo modes, retail demo mode is harder to disable.

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