What is Moon Mode on Samsung and How to Use it

Moon mode on Samsung

You may be here because you have heard about Moon mode or you may want to use moon mode on Samsung. Whatever the reasons may be, You have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what is moon mode and How to use Moon Mode on Samsung.

Samsung is the most renowned and Most selling smartphone Brand. Samsung always keeps adding features to Its high series. One of the well-known and most controversial features was Moon Mode or Moon shot. At the present, it is only available on high-end smartphones such as Galaxy S series. You can see the moon mode of Galaxy S21 with 100x Zoom.

Some people believe that Samsung Moon Mode creates a fake photo. Well, it is not true. It uses Ai to enhance the image.

Samsung is not much into promoting its newly added features. So most people don’t know what is Moon mode. Read till the end to better understand Moon mode.

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What is moon mode on Samsung and why it is used?

Moon mode is Samsung’s new camera feature that enables you to take more detailed images of the Moon. It is available for devices that run on One UI 2.5 and above. Moon mode uses AI to enhance and optimize the captured image. It also automatically adjusts all the settings to get a better photo.

It’s a similar feature that Hawaii once introduced and became controversial as image manipulation. But the Samsungs feature is a real and legit one.

How to Samsung’s Moon Mode works

Currently, there are many theories revolving around the internet about Moo mode. But Samsung has provided a little information on how it works.

When you point the camera towards the Moon, The screen optimizer is activated and analyzes the scene. After the analysis, it adjusts all the settings and exposure, brightness, etc to get a clear shot of the image. Multiple shots of images are taken focusing on particular information.

Then AI uses captures snapshots to fill up the details of all the parts and produces a better image than the previewed one on camera. However, they will be no image overly or fake detailing added. The AI is based on Multi-image processing.

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Is Samsung Moon mode fake or Real

The Samsung Moon mode is not a fake one. There are many biased opinions on it. We consider it as a real one that uses AI to enhance the image.

How to take a Picture of Moon with Moon mode

It is extremely simple and easy to use Moon mode to capture a photo of the moon. First, your device needs to have Moon mode and required hardware to use it. Only Samsung above mid-range devices has this feature.

Step 1: Go to the camera app on your smartphone

Step 2: Go to settings and turn ON the Scene optimizer.

Step 3: Point the device or camera towards Moon. The AI scene Detection Mode is will detect the moon. On activation, you can see a blue icon with a crescent to the top. If not activated you should manually do it.

Step 4: Wait till you get the clear image and Capture the image at the right moment. You will have the Moon picture taken using Moon mode on your gallery.


There are differences in opinion that the images are legit. Most of the people gave some proof regarding the possibilities of it being legit. The camera app also doesn’t contain the pre-installed image of the moon. It’s fun to use such a feature that even the top camera cannot provide.

The best way to verify is to check yourself. Without the scene optimizer, the image is not good as compared to Moon mode. You can also call it a galaxy s21 moon shot.

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