What is MP5 player?

Hello guys if you are looking to learn about MP5 players, Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what is MP5 Player and how it is different from MP4 and MP3.

Technology keeps evolving without having an end. If we want to utilize the fullest of technology we need to keep ourselves updated on current trends. MP5 is the current generation of media players. Since the advancement of the portable media. The media players have become very famous. In the past, Media Players could only play audio, Now they can play both audio and as well as video.

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What is an MP5 player?

The MP5 media player is a more advanced version of MP4. There have been some speculations that it is fake and that there is no such thing as the MP5 media player. This is because there is no file format called MP5. MP5 is similar to that of MP4 hence there are no separate versions for it. The MP5 can play any file format, unlike MP4 which requires some file format to be converted to other formats.

In other words, MP5 is similar to MP4 but it can play all the files directly that MP4 requires conversion and it is the higher version of the MP4 player which plays more formats compared to MP4.

How much is mp5 player

The cost of the MP5 player depends upon the model you are looking for. There are some low price models which start at around $20. Some of the good ones are around 50-150 USD.

is the MP5 player real

Yes Indeed, MP5 players are real. They are higher versions of the existing MP3 and MP4 players. There isn’t much information on the MP5 players hence most people think it’s fake. But it’s actually not. You can search on amazon to see if any products exist.

Advantages of MP5 player

Here are some of the advantages of the MP5 player. There are also other features but the below-mentioned ones are the most common ones.


Unlike MP4, MP5 does not need a converter. It can play almost all the media formats without conversion. Even movies can be transcoded to RM and RMVB format.

Higher Memory

Unlike MP3 players MP5 doesn’t have many restrictions on storage. You can now store and view large files in the media player. They could with inbuilt SD card and MMC slots.

Vast Features

MP5 comes with a vast range of features such as synchronization, TFT screen, high customization, etc. These players also let you record media.

How is MP5 different from MP4 and MP3 (MP3 vs MP4 vs MP5)

MP3 was the base for MP4. MP3 media players don’t support video. They can only be used to consume audio entertainment. MP4 is a more advanced version of the Media player and plays both audio and video.

In the beginning, Media Player with MP3 format could only support audio. Later it was enhanced and the new generation called MP4 came into existence which supports various formats of audio and video. Now the MP5 media players are in the existence.

Another major difference is the format that today’s movies use. They all use  RM and RMVB formats. If you want to play it using mp4 you need to convert it to mp4 format before playing it. But the MP5 player directly plays RM and RMVB format without conversion.

How do I play MP5 files?

There is no difference in playing MP5 files. MP5 player still uses MP4 files. Just go to any file that you want to open and click on it. Select the application in which you want to open it.

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