What is Notification Access Settings on Android

Notification Access settings on android

If you are wondering about what is Notification Access settings is and how to enable them? Then you are at the right post. In this post, we are going to cover everything About Notification Access Setting and How to enable it

After the android pie Update Notification feature is improved. Now it supports android adaptive notification, in-app notification. The edge corners are replaced by Round ones and many more features are been introduced.

Almost all the apps ask for some kind of permission, It may be storage or Notification. Providing access has both pros and cons. For example Apps like share chat, vidmate, etc which have notification access keeps popping up unwanted notifications. but if you provide it for shopping apps, You can get to know the latest offers.

But you should know one thing Notification and Notification Access settings are different. They are related but are used for different propose. You cant use Notification access without Enabling Notification.

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What is Notification

It is permission given for apps on your device to display Notifications. Without notification permission, the apps are unable to use the Notification feature to provide Notifications. It is a helpful feature that stops apps from displaying Notification If it is not turned ON. you can enable or disable it for specific apps. It usually provides apps to access to provide notifications.

What is notification Access Settings

Notification Access is a Special access feature of android that enables other apps to read and access notifications. Usually, Notification Access settings can only be Turned On for system Apps. Even not all the apps support this feature, only hand few apps can have notification Access.

The main difference between notification access and notification is that Giving notification permission allows apps to provide notification, while Notification Access provides the ability for apps to read and access notifications.

Android p notification

Android P notification relates to Android Pie Notification. In the Pie version androids notification feature and looks were redesigned making it more user-friendly. It has a built-in automatic reply suggestion. The features icon such as Bluetooth, Wifi, etc can be easily identified whether they are turned ON or OFF.

Should you provide Notification Permission to apps or Not

This entirely depends upon you. If you are using apps like amazon, news app, etc Providing notifications permission will provide updates about offers and breaking news. But if it game or other apps the notifications keeps annoying. If the app is of important use providing Notification permission can be helpful. If it is of no important use, Providing access would keep you disturbed.

There is an option available to grant notification permission to each specified apps. by using this you can provide permission for days you require most and get rid of the apps that you don’t need.

Should I provide Notification Access for apps

You can provide Notification access for all the apps. If you want third-party apps to access notifications, then you have to download an additional app. Providing Notification access to system apps will help in many ways but providing it for third-party apps can be harmful as apps can access all the notifications.

How to turn On/Off notification access on Android

Providing notification access to apps is simple and easier. You can enable or disable it through settings. Follow the below method to enable or disable notification access for system apps. the settings are available on the special access menu, Which also has options like appear on top, Draw over other apps, etc.

Step 1: Head over to apps settings on your android smartphone and tap on the 3 spots on the top right corner

Step 2: Select special access from options.

Step 3: Tap on Notification Access

notification access settings android

Step 4: All the apps That can use Notification Access will be listed. Enable it on Required Apps.

notification access settings

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