What Is Samsung Accessory Service?

Are you having trouble with Samsung Accessory Service? Do you want to know what is Samsung accessory service and how to fix “Transferring files please wait”, Then you are in Right Place.

In this post we are going to cover What is Samsung accessory Service is, Why it is Used, and How to get rid of errors in Samsung Accessory Service. You can also install the application if it is not present on your smartphone.

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What is Samsung accessory service?

Samsung Accessory Service is an application by Samsung used for interacting with Wearables. It provides a stable Environment for smartphones to Connect and Interact with the wearable devices such as Galaxy Gear etc.

By using Samsung Accessory Service you can transfer data between smartphones and wearables. the data may include Heart rate, blood pressure, etc. You can also use this application to transfer files between devices( Wearables and Smartphones).

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Features of Samsung accessory Service

Connect wearables to smartphone

Samsung Accessory service lets you connect wearable devices to smartphones. You can access Devices such as galaxy watch and other accessories using a smartphone. It provides the interface to communicate with wearable devices.

Sending and receiving data

Sending and Receiving Data including collecting Data related to the health of the device and the wearer. It transfers data such as Blood pressure, Heart rate, and other data to smartphones. It receives data such as remainder, alarm settings, clock, etc from smartphones. It is also one of the most useful features of wearables.

Transfer files

Another significant useful feature of the Samsung accessory service is File Transfer. You can transfer contacts and other files to wearables. You can transfer images, applications, etc.

Where is Samsung Accessory Service used

Samsung Accessory service is Used for connecting and interacting with Samsung accessory devices.

Is Samsung Accessory Service Necessary?

If you are using Samsung accessory devices it will be helpful for connecting and interacting with devices. However, It is not necessary. There are many alternate apps for Samsung Accessory Service, You can use any of them. If you don’t use any accessory devices that having this application is of no use. The App is said to have bugs and causes some issues such as battery draining or background usage.

The App is helpful in Syncing the data between devices. If you delete this app you may get a syncing problem.

How to install Samsung Accessory service

You can download the app from the playstore. Not all the device supports the app.

App Details

what is Samsung accessory service
  • App Size: 12MB
  • Total Downloads: 10M+
  • Ratings: 3.8/5

Go to playstore and Download Samsung Accessory Service App. Open and run the App. Connect your wearables and you are good to GO.

How to Fix Samsung Accessory Service Errors

Samsung Accessory Service Application is known to cause errors. Among them, 2 of the below error are common ones.

How to Fix Transferring File please wait.

Samsung Accessory service keeps Syncing data between the devices. Background Syncing is one of the reasons for this kind of error. The error tends to be more on Samsung s series devices. It’s not a kind of big problem. But it causes longer battery usage and the Device heats up. You can get Rid of the file transferring problem by blocking the background usage.

You can also try Different solutions.

Solution 1: Re-install the app

Step 1: Go to settings and select Apps

Samsung accessory service error

Step 2: Search for Samsung Accessory Service and Tap on it

error in Samsung accessory service

Step 3: Click on Uninstall. You can also uninstall directly from the home.

Reinstalling the app also reinstall the programs necessary on both the smartphone and wearables, thereby eliminating the error

Solution 2: Clear the cache and Force Stop the app

If the error keeps on occurring you can force stop the app and clear its cache. Follow the below method to Force stop and clear cache.

Step 1: Go to apps in settings on your smartphone.

Step 2: Search and select the app which you want to force stop

Step 3: Tap on the app name and select Clear cache and Force Stop.

The app will be stopped and the error will be Stopped.

Solution 3: Stop Background Usage of App

The downside of this method it stops the background working of the app. the app only exchanges data between devices only when the app is opened. It does not go for Automatic immediate syncing.

Step 1: Go to data usages on your settings.

Step 2: Find the app and tap on it

Step 3: Turn Off the background data usage and return back to settings.

Step 4: Go to device care and tap on Battery usage.

Step 5: Turn off the Background data usage and out the app to sleep.

Since the app cannot use data and battery in the background it cannot cause the file transferring error. This also solves the Battery draining issue and device heating issue.

How to Fix Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available

if you are getting “Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available” error pop up. It is likely due to another app conflicting with it. Check if you have the Gear app. If you have remove it. This should solve the problem. If the problems still continue Force stop the app, Clear the cache and restart the app.

If the issues still persist try reinstalling the app.


We hope you got a clear idea of what is Samsung Accessory service app is and How to Get Rid of the errors caused by the app. Usually reinstalling the app gets rid of the problem. If the issue still continues the error may be due to Bug in the app or other device-related problems.

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