Triple SIM explained Everything you Need to Know

what is triple SIM

If you are searching for Details on Triple SIM. Then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover what is Triple SIM and everything you need to know about it.

Most people don’t know about triple SIM. Because this is not so common. Most of the renowned smartphones only come with Dual SIM, only hand few mobiles come with triple SIM. Some people like triple SIM but some don’t prefer it. In this post we are going to explain everything about Triple and whether you need it or not.

Smartphones have evolved from single SIM then Dual SIM and now some come with Quad SIM.

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What is Triple SIM

Triple SIM is a Technology that enables devices to use 3 SIMs at a time. Triple SIM support allows you to insert 3 SIMs and use it. It is similar to Dual SIM but with an extra Slot for another SIM. The triple SIM feature comes with different specs and technology. In some devices, you can insert 3 at the same time. But in some shared slots are used, Which means you can insert either a Memory Card or a third SIM.

In some devices, Triple SIM is supported through E-Sim. You can also use the external adapter for the third or fourth SIM.

How does Triple SIM work

Triple SIM works in the same way as dual sim but with the extra sim. There are different types of Triple SIM, However, They work on the same method as dual SIM. The slot type is different for different types of triple SIM technology. Triple SIM is available in either or all of 3G, 4G, 5G. However, You cant use all the 3 SIMs at the same time. You can call or receive from a single SIM at a Time.

Different types of Triple SIM

In common we refer to Devices having 3 SIM as Triple SIMs. But they come in a different type. Each type has its own advantage and disadvantage. You should know about all the major types before buying a device with triple Sim. Below are the 3 common types of triple SIMs.

Native triple SIM support

This is a common Type of triple SIM technology. It comes with a 3 slot for 3 SIMs. Slot may support nano, micro, or other SIM slots. Its same a dual SIM but with a extra slot. You can insert SIM for all 3 slot at a same time. In these type there will only be one transmitter.

External triple SIM support

If you are device support external SIM card. Then you connect the 3rd SIM using an external adapater. Most of the recent smartphones support external SIM. You can use a dongle to support the 3rd SIM.

Hybrid Triple SIM support

This is the most used type of Triple SIM support. This comes with 2+1 slots. You can insert 2 SIMs into 2 slots. You can insert either a SIM or SD card for an additional slot. The Additional slot functions as the hybrid slot supporting both SIM and SD card functionality. There is a also a another technology which comes with a built in E-SIM and Dual SIM slot. E-SIM refers to embedded SIM.

Is having Triple SIM any Good

There are not many advantages of using a triple SIM. Hence its implementation is less and can only be found on some devices. The only advantage of triple SIM is that you can insert 3 SIMs at a time. If you are a traveler it can be helpful to have more carriers. Triple SIM has a Disadvantage which is you need to recharge all the SIMs. If you won’t you will lose the numbers eventually. But having the Triple SIM slot is helpful than using it. You can use it if you find necessary or leave it empty if not needed.

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